I also teach about creativity, cognition and the brain so  sometimes its just interesting to see where research is taking us in exploring the complex and multifaceted aspects  of creativity. An emerging field is that of Neuroaesthetics, where the focus is on understanding brain processes as regards the aesthetics. There  has been ongoing debates for a very long time about whether or not it matters that we can identify brain processes as regards the experience of beauty.  There are many who would argue that it’s irrelevant as what really matters is the subjective experience of finding beautyAnd being able to experience and relate to it. What makes for interesting reading is the huge field of research exploring definitions and mechanisms of creativity.I really enjoyed the systemic models that focus on creativity not as a purely individual act but highlights the value and meaning of context. Also, the Cognitive processes inherent to producing a creative product is fascinating.

Art By Carla
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